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Name:  Linda Soeder

Location:  Kitchener Ontario Canada
Birthday:  12 October, 1960
Bio:  Hi! My name is Linda. I'm about 40+ years old. I'm married to a guy named Dave and I have two kids, Dan, who is 23 and Ben who is 20. They're almost all grown up! Yay! I'm a fashion designer, busy as a little old bee, and enjoying every second of it. my stuff is like the "save the Queen' line, without the international acclaim. Soon I'll have a real website selling my things, but for now, I'm happy with things the way they are! For years I kept a written journal of my ideas, interests and thoughts...when the blogging revolution started several years ago I began an on-line journal and this is its latest incarnation. The purpose of the first was to learn and practice simple HTML coding, to keep track of daily happenings in the family and to record and comment on many of the odd things I've found on the world weird Web. Gradually the blog has become a place about my adventures in sewing, design and personal interests. I'll say one thing about my time on-line...I've learned I'm downright NORMAL compared to some of the loonies out there! There's a never ending stream of weirdness out there and that has convinced me that in the grand scheme of things, I'm rather quite normal and boring. I like to draw and paint pictures of clothes and beaded jewellery, then I like to make what I've drawn. My skills in pattern making, sewing, and jewellery making are at the point where if I can dream it...I can make it. I also enjoy writing. I've written several novels, none published, yet. However, I have received some very nice, personalized and encouraging rejections over the years. I've also written articles about sewing subjects that the editors of magazines like "Threads" and Vogue Sewing tell me are very close to being what they want. I'll keep plugging away, the only way anyone can get good at anything is by practice. One purpose of this blog is to write down ideas as they pop into my mind and to write spontaneously and creatively, with as little editing as possible. Apparently I spend too much time going over and over sentences as I write them, focusing more on the structure than the ideas, I'm supposed to think of ideas first, and structure second. I also enjoy gardening, hiking and camping, I love hunting mushrooms and other wild plants, and I love all the botanical sciences, especially taxonomy. I have an extensive knowledge of plant identification and I can tell the difference between a "Water mint" "Peppermint" and a "Spearmint" from fifty paces. I can also name the differences between a sedge and a rush and a cattail. I enjoy hunting for interesting plants while hiking in my favourite terrain: marshes, fens, swamps and other damp places. Mushrooms are my most favourite, however, and if you ever see me in the real world I will often be found pouncing on wild mushrooms where ever they grow. I don't eat anything with wheat or wheat gluten in it. Gluten makes me violently ill. I had a whole bunch of health problems that cleared up within days of discontinuing wheat. I will never ever eat anything with wheat in it, it's simply not worth the problems it causes. I wear bright colours and I'm a bit flamboyant. I love to wear plenty of beads. As I am a fashion designer and I like to be my own best advertisement. People who know me consider me eclectic, eccentric, and a real hippy, even when I'm not wearing Birkenstocks, tie dye shirts and beads. I make no apologies for myself, I have few regrets. I listen to classical music, classic rock music, some New Age music, and occasionally I indulge in eighties new-wave retro. Someday those little low-heeled boots will be back in fashion...and I will be ready. edit to add, they came and I was ready. That's all for now!
Blog Created:  Thursday, 3 March 2005
Last Updated:  Friday, 13 January 2017 - 9:46 AM EST
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