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Places for Kreative Shoppers

Fabrics, notions and sewing related links

Over the years I've found many places on-line that have become my favourites. Several are stores, several are for reference, and a few are fascinatingly weird. I've organized them together in a way that I hope make sense. There will be some overlap, and a few that I had trouble deciding their placement, so I split the lists so they seemed more cohesive, at least to me. If you have a place to reccomend please e-mail me, the link is at the bottom of the page and I can check it out. I'm always interested in Canadian sources for fabrics of all types.

Other sewing resurces

Thse places are reference sites. One has sewing books to read, PDF's of antique textiles, free patterns of varying quality and other things too good to pass over.

Fibers and Yarns

I often use yarns in my sewing, as decoration, as an accent, for felting, for many reasons. Sometimes I actually knit with yarn, as one is supposed to do! Here are a few places for Canadians interested in fiber and fiber arts

Lacemaking supplies